How Local Business Is Responding To Community Needs



What Is It

Second chance programs are job hiring initiatives that focus on those former incarcerated. These programs are business-initiated and highlight a compassionate response to community needs.

The formerly incarcerated, homeless and formerly addicted are better able to recover from their situation when they are able to find a stable job. However, businesses with these types of programs also benefit by finding motivated and committed workforce.

Who Does It Impact

Why It Matters

Too often those struggling are unable to reintegrate into society and recover from their situation. This is because, many businesses do not make an effort to do well in their communities through hiring practices. With no hope, many are pushed back into their former situation. 


Of Inmates Return To Prison Within 3 Years

We believe that we can make a difference.

Through programs like CKS Packaging’s Second Chance program, we are bringing hope and opportunity to a community that has been largely ignored. We can and will stop the cycle of recidivism.

The Second Chance Program At CKS Packaging

How Local Business Is Responding To Community Needs

In July 2020, the Georgia Center for Opportunity (GCO) released its case study of the Second Chance Program launched in 2016. 

CKS’s program focuses on hiring previously incarcerated people, homeless individuals, and people recovering from drug addictions.

Not only has the program been a huge success for the individuals in the program, but it has helped CKS find loyal and hard-working employees that are eager to grow.





473 people

have been hired as a Second Chance employee

Overwhelming Success

 Over half of the people who have gone through the program have succeeded. This is a big improvement compared to the two-thirds of previously incarcerated people who get arrested within three years of their re- lease3 and the 85% of people who relapse after treatment for drug addiction.

There Are Business Benefits As Well

With the Second Chance program, potential employees go through rounds of interviews to allow the company to get to know the person and their skills. This also allows for better job placement—people are able to communicate what they are good at and what positions could be the best fit.

Also, since the number of prospective employees has decreased as generations grow smaller, many companies have been worried
that there will not be a large enough labor force to staff all their companies. However, there are many skilled and unskilled workers in prison or rehab who just need the chance to turn their lives around.


The employees tend to be better and longer-term employees and are less likely to regress.


“When…someone steps up and gives you a chance and has faith in you, it makes you want to give it 150% every day”


Bernadette Hicks

Bernadette Hicks

Policy Intern

Erik Randolph

Erik Randolph

Director of Research

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