Healthy @ Home provides video and in-person classes designed to support family development. Relational and personal wellness are key to strengthening families.


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Caring for Frontline Workers | HEALTHY @ HOME

This week we're joined by expert and family counselor Diane Dierks, as she gives us a new perspective on caring for frontline and healthcare workers dealing with current events. We are driven by a belief – supported by experience and research- that people from all...

5 Steps To Mental Wellness | HEALTHY @ HOME

Licensed Professional Counselor Jacqueline Robinson shares five ways that you can keep your mental health in check. These easy steps will help make sure that you and your loved ones are can care and support each other.

Reducing vulnerability to unwanted emotions | HEALTHY @ HOME

Licensed Professional Counselor, Diana Lleras gives her perspective on emotional health from the communities she serves. She also shares ways to identify unwanted emotions in family members and how you can create an environment that keeps you in an emotionally healthy...

Building a mindset of mental wellness | HEALTHY @ HOME

Keeping your mind in good health is as important as keeping your physical body in shape. GCO's own Joyce Mayberry and Katherine Greene join us to discuss tips on how you can identify poor mental wellness and how to address it.  

Creating Your Family Shield | HEALTHY @ HOME

Bring the family together and create priceless memories and meaningful input from all family members. Fellow community partner: Strengthen Families Program, Certified Trainer P’Angela Jones is joined by her husband Darryl and the entire Jones family to demonstrate.

Cultivating a healthy message at home | HEALTHY @ HOME

We need distribute healthy messages in our home not only to our spouse, but to our children, pets, friends, etc. Here are some techniques you can begin using today and continue throughout a lifetime in order to help keep a healthy home and family.3 times a day Give...

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