GCO Goes to the Nation’s Capitol

GCO Goes to the Nation’s Capitol

On June 28th, GCO’s Eric Cochling traveled to Washington, D.C. to be part of the Full House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform meeting, which took an in-depth look into “programs and legislation aimed at rehabilitating offenders, facilitating a successful transition from prison to community, and reducing recidivism.”

GCO provided a written testimony to our nation’s leaders but was also instrumental in providing the opportunity for William C. McGahan, Chairman of Georgia Works!, to testify before the committee. If you’re interested in hearing the committee’s conversation, you can view the meeting video online.


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GCO Seeking Experienced Communications Manager

GCO Seeking Experienced Communications Manager

GCO is seeking an experienced Communications Manager to manage and execute on our communications strategy and day-to-day communications needs in cooperation with other team members. We are especially interested in candidates who want to grow with the organization and demonstrate an ability to build and, ultimately, lead a communications team.

If you are interested, please visit our careers page and fill out the careers form.

You’re Invited: Special Film Screening and Town Hall Meeting, June 8-10

Freedom of School Choice - Summer Town Hall Meetings

Georgia’s parents are increasingly frustrated with the lack of choice in the state’s education system, especially those with children who are struggling with learning challenges or who need accelerated programs. That’s why we are hosting a series of FREE film screenings as part of our Summer Town Hall series on School Choice. Because in Georgia families DO have choices but many more are needed.

Please join us at one of the three venues around Metro Atlanta listed below where you can talk to state legislators, educators and parents like you!

Click Here to RSVP:  www.GeorgiaOpportunity.org/School-Choice
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Location of Film Screenings


Not All Voices Have Choices… But They Continue to Advocate for More

Too often, parents in Georgia who have access to great school choice options fail to take advantage of them because many parents do not know that they exist. This is a constant dilemma that the school choice movement faces. To help address this, we partnered with all-girls charter school Ivy Preparatory Academy in Norcross to host a School Choice Lunch & Learn last month. Most of the parents, surprisingly, knew of their individual school choice options for their students. Some shared stories of how their pursuits were failed attempts because they lacked charter school options in their districts or because the financial assistance they were eligible for from the special needs scholarship left them with a remaining tuition balance far beyond what they could afford.


Though we have choice options (i.e. public school transfers, special needs scholarship, tax credit scholarships, and charter schools), this event helped to confirm for me that Georgia still has a long way to go to ensure that families are not limited in access to quality education because of their lack of income or the zip code in which they live.


“Georgia still has a long way to go to ensure that families are not limited in access to quality education”


Together, we can make a difference in the school choice movement and expand available options for students in need of better education or learning environments. I am so proud of those who attended and shared their personal stories and challenges in pursuing school choice. These parents also expressed their strong desire to stay engaged in the movement because they know too well how it feels not to have access to viable choice options and they want to remove these barriers for generations to come. Will you join them in this movement?

If you are interested in learning more about school choice or would like to become an advocate, please visit the Georgia Parents Alliance.

Courtesy of Georgia Public Policy Foundation — Eric Cochling, Kyle Wingfield Dissect 2014 General Assembly

This week GCO’s Eric Cochling spoke at a “2014 Legislative Roundup” event hosted by the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, their summary is included below:

Good enough on some levels but not good enough across-the-board.

That was their analysis of the 2014 General Assembly from Eric Cochling and Kyle Wingfield at our sold-out policy breakfast on Wednesday, March 26.  Cochling is vice president of public policy at the Georgia Center for Opportunity and Wingfield is the conservative voice on The Atlanta Journal-Constitution editorial pages.

“You saw a lot of excitement about certain ideas whether it was welfare reform or new school choice concepts coming through that made it through a chamber with vast majorities voting in favor of it but then it goes on to die in the other chamber,” Cochling said.  “I would characterize the session as some positive things happened but many missed opportunities for a truly conservative policy movement forward.”

“Thirty-seven constitutional amendments were introduced and two will be on the ballot this fall,” Wingfield said.  “Several would have been very good and would represent great progress for Georgia.  They are not going to be there and the prospects of getting them on the ballot I would argue will only get worse in future years.”

Issues discussed in this YouTube video include criminal justice reform, federal balanced budget constitutional amendment initiatives, child welfare and foster care, transportation investment, tax credit scholarships and school choice, state income tax and pension reform, and Medicaid expansion and improved access to health care for all Georgians.

This content is courtesy of the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, and can be seen in its original form HERE.