Breakthrough Norcross

Breakthrough Norcross is a collective impact initiative uniting non-profit and faith-based organizations, businesses, and community leaders who strategically invest their time and together, make a difference in our students’ lives.


Too many children are not graduating: Only 69.3% of seniors in the Norcross School Cluster graduated from high school in 2013. Additionally, of those who do graduate, many are not equipped for success in college or a career. Those who do not graduate from high school often continue to live in the area, yet require higher levels of public assistance. They are more likely to go to prison, struggle with addiction, and have lower earnings over the course of their lives. Low graduation rates, in other words, affect the community as a whole.


Breakthrough Norcross serves as a connector of the different entities in Norcross- government, education, churches, non-profits, and businesses for the benefit of Norcross children and families. It also serves to increase high school graduation rates across the Norcross area to 95 percent.


Breakthrough Norcross supports students in reaching key milestones at each life stage, from early childhood to post-secondary. We collectively align community resources that serve children, adolescents and young adults in six impact areas:

  • Engagement & Service
  • Academic Skills
  • Non-Cognitive (“life”) Skills
  • College & Career Readiness
  • Health & Wellness
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