Developing solutions that will help students stay in school, graduate from high school, and prepare for college and career success.


All of GCO’s work begins with an understanding of the dignity inherent in all human beings. Our solutions assume the human longing for relationship, for purpose and meaning, and to enjoy earned success and the fruits of one’s labor.


GCO builds solutions with the belief that individuals and communities, have the primary responsibility for improving their lives and the lives of their neighbors. Thriving communities are built by rewarding virtues that lead to liberty, self-sufficiency, and earned success.


The institutions of civil society — families, faith communities, civic organizations, charitable non-profits, businesses and local government — are best placed to address social problems. GCO utilizes all of these valuable resources when developing and delivering solutions.


Families are where future generations are raised to maturity and taught how to love, trust and live responsibly in community with others. Social solutions must be aimed at increasing the percentage of children born to married parents, stabilizing the family structure, and developing children who are prepared to create a strong family of their own.


GCO works across the political spectrum in a non-partisan, independent manner to allow for fresh thinking,a common vision, and new forms of collaboration. Simply put, the issues we deal with transcend partisanship and demand an independent approach.


Sound solutions require high-quality, empirical research that is objective and transparent. GCO bases its recommendations on the best available academic research, as well as the grassroots experience of those in business, non-profits, government and the general public.


Collaborating with vision-driven, effective organizations that share common goals is essential to building innovative solutions that produce results. GCO leverages best practices and share resources with partner organizations that consistently and effectively deliver change.

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